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A wattpad romance novel between a girl going home to announce her engagement however he ex-lover seems to disagree.

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Peyton Carson moved to New York City to attend Columbia University to fulfill her dreams on becoming a journalist, however, went without her father's permission and breaking up with her boyfriend, Blake Verona . Peyton's father always wanted Peyton to be the owner of his company however, she did not. Once she left after graduation, she lived in New York for seven good years. She got a job at New York Times, made many friends, has a new boyfriend and lives in an aparment with him. 

The novel starts off with Peyton recieving a promotion, also showing that she does not have any more connection with her family back in Colorado, even though how much she tried to stay in touch. That night, she goes out on a date with her boyfriend, Ethan Reid . During this date, Ethan proposed to Peyton and she accepts. She decides to go to Colorado to tell her family in person instead of over the phone but when she left to Colorado, her obnoxious, self-centred sister happened to be pregnant and seem to not like the fact Peyton has an announcement to tell to her family, almost stealing the attention away from her.

But when time passes, Peyton's ex-lover, Blake Verona found out about Ethan Reid soon to be Peyton's future husband. He did not seem to agree with it and decided to win Peyton's heart back all over again before the wedding.

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  • Image of Brant Daugherty, who is playing Blake Verona.

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